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Atotech is an international speciality chemicals and equipment company. It provides chemistry and equipment for companies that manufacture printed circuit boards, IC-substrates and semiconductors; and also provides specialty chemicals and equipment for decorative and functional surface finishing in the automotive, construction, furniture and other industries. The company has manufacturing, technology centers, and sales and service sites in over 40 countries, including Germany, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Spain, China, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, India, Japan, USA, Canada, Mexico and Brazil. Its headquarters is in Berlin, Germany. The company is composed of two main business units: Electronics and General Metal Finishing. Of the over 3,800 employees, approximately 56% are in Asia; 35% are in Europe; and 9% are in the Americas. The company owns approximately 2,100 patents.


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Current Employee - FSE says

"Worst Company to work , because its management is not qualified to do management jobs."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Company has forgotten its leadership due to short sighted MD and poor management style of HR department at Rock Hill, SC location."

Former Employee - Management says

"Atotech USA must overhaul current management team; Kuldip Johal (Managing Director) is working very hard to ruin teamwork approach. He is clueless, does not know how to motivate his staff. He is only fit to be a lab mouse; has no backbone to support instructions he provides to his direct reports; especially when challenged by German management. He has a pattern of lying and giving confusing and contradicting instructions to local employees and later denying."

Former Employee - Chemical Operator says

"The company is for the company ONLY! They don't care about the Personnel working for them. Poor leadership in manufacturing They HATE anyone in the National Guard or Reserves. The last person hired in the military was 17 years ago."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"No learning and growth in the Company"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Worst management, worst HR, HR works fir their personal benefits. No job security."

Former Employee - Assistant Manager says

"Carlyle has just made the hell here and just firing people without Notice,.."

Product Manager (Former Employee) says

"From the President on down bullying is the management style. Company is run by financial KPI even when those are in direct disagreement with the basic business premise of making products selling those products and delivering those products to a customer on a timely basis. Typically workers are put under so much stress or given so many multitasks that they dont work cohesively and dont achieve basic business goals. Cons: Negative environment, bullying, annual downsizing for budgets do not value employees"

Chemist I (Former Employee) says

"Management is very lacksidaysical when it comes to safety and does not keep up with training of employees. Many times employees are given a lot of slack."

Wastewater Operator (Former Employee) says

"Bad management with no way to advance or grow. Co-workers don't help each other or company to succeed. Good for someone straight out of school to learn skills to take to another company. Cons: No growth or advancement"

Quality Control Chemist II (Current Employee) says

"Atotech at this moment is struggling to find leaders and the work load is piling up while there is no compensation given to hard workers. Co workers are great to work with but higher management is not the greatest. Company asks for a lot from their workers but receive little award. Cons: Bad upper management"

Manufacturing Associate (Former Employee) says

"Areas that made Atotech a difficult company to work are culture, advancment, and management. For the most part, Atotech's work environment is very standoffish with a few employees. They will sabotage your advancement. Its like playing a political game. The management may have improved over rhe years but now it may ne different because their turn over os high in rhis area. Cons: Advancement, culture, and management."

Product Marketing Manager (Former Employee) says

"사내 정치가 심하고, 내부적으로 직원들의 도덕적 헤이가 있음, 장비팀 일부가 공급사에서 금품/접대를 받거나 하는 이슈등으로 내부 고발 및 직원들이 퇴사하였음. Cons: 도덕적 헤이"

Sales & Purchase Ledger Clerk (Former Employee) says

"Enjoyable role and colleagues were lovely"

Contralor (Former Employee) says

"Es una empresa muy pequeña pero transnacional por lo que los requerimientos son muchos y los recursos escasos, eso por una parte permite desarrollar muchas actividades que en empresas mas grandes no sería posible, pero por otra parte todo el tiempo está uno bajo presión. Cons: nula posibilidad de crecimiento profesional"

Chemielaborantin im SemiConductor (Former Employee) says

"Manchmal etwas zu familiär, was es für Neukömmlige schwer macht sich einzuarbeiten."

Ops Executive (Former Employee) says

"High turnover rates. No replacement hence multitasking is expected. Career advancement is very slow and do not expect any assistant to share workload even if promoted. Cons: Urgent shipments weekly"

Production Scheduler/Replenishment Analyst (Former Employee) says

"I was able to watch conflicting goals manifest over a 15 year period where service levels declined along with employee moral due to a lack of focus on capacity planning and the corporate mission to put customer service first. Cons: Conflicting goals and deception from upper management"

Customer Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"This company has too many people doing one function and not enough doing another. It is total chaos."

SAP Supply Chain Business Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Company could not do what it says it wanted to do. Most people were friendly and hard workers. Management style and capabilities were in some cases lacking."

technicien chimiste (Former Employee) says

"Interactions entre collègues importantes et de bonne qualité Cons: salaire"

Customer Service Key Account Representative (Former Employee) says

"My position at Atotech USA was a Key Account Representative in the Customer Service/Sales Group. I worked there for 19 years and I enjoyed my job very much. It was fast paced and very rewarding. I had to leave in January 2017 to take care of an ill family member. Cons: Poor management"

Material Science Engineer (Current Employee) says

"Recent sale of company and resulted in a shift in company priorities and goals. As a result of this mine, including a number of other positions and offices are being terminated."

S.E.A. IT Manager (Current Employee) says

"Atotech is one of the world's leading manufacturers of processes and equipment for the PCB industry and the decorative and functional electroplating industry."

Technical sales executive (Former Employee) says

"Công ty có chế độ lương thấp so với thực lực bỏ ra"